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No more anxieties, tears and hours of rehearsal! Your child will learn the piano and music theory in no time, and above all while having fun! Inspired by knowledge in neuroscience and alternative pedagogies (Montessori, Steiner, Kodaly and others), the Piano Tutorials of Melopie offer innovative memorization strategies. Memorization is done through funny stories whose heroes are the pixinotes who inhabit the house-stave, who travel aboard a piano-train and who meet the rhythms in sports competitions.

Thanks to their mental images, children will be amazed to read a sheet music and play the piano from the first lesson. They will enjoy learning with our printable music games, our music theory and piano exercises and our piano sheet music for children. They will exercise in a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere and above all he will be proud of themselves! With Melopie you can also share a good time with your family. Melopie is almost 40 years of experience and already more than 100,000 parents won over!

Tuto piano are short 10 minutes videos to watch online. These videos introduce learning piano and musical theory in a fun way. Then, find the corresponding exercises and sheet music to print and practise.

tuto piano


Children learn through funny stories and visualisation techniques. Each piano and musical theory tutorial has it’s own easy-to-understand explanation. After listening to their tutorial, children rush to their piano to apply what they have just learned.

tuto piano


Similar to the Montessori pedagogy, with each lesson children discover only one new notion of music at a time , this is then immediately put into practise through the sheet music.

tuto piano


Only notions already learned by the child appear on the sheet music, he thereby  quickly gains in musical comprehension, confidence and progress . The child learns to play rythmes and simplified classical works that give meaning to his learning.